So far, what has been the toughest moment shooting? At any time did you
decide NOT to take photos of something?

Lately I shoot miserable people less and less, especially if they can see me. If someone feels bad already, I don’t want to make him feel worse by taking his picture. But long lenses were invented for that :)

It was pretty tough taking pictures of drug addicts and their families, especially their children because they’re the ones who suffer the most.



What about photos that got away? Something you saw that you wished you
could have photographed?

It happens all the time. Why do you think I carry my camera when I’m taking the trash out? You never know when something interesting might happen, so you have to be ready all the time, planning shots and trying to predict them.


Besides Daido Moriyama, what other photographers do you admire?

I look at the work of Anders Petersen [+] a lot lately. Also Masahisa Fukase … but that also changes all the time. I’m constantly watching what’s out there.

Do you shoot all/only black and white? Do you process/print the film
yourself? How do you organize your negatives? Do you always have a camera
with you? What do you usually carry?

Yeah, pretty much only black and white. I process all the film myself and scan the negatives, maybe 2-3 frames per roll. I never do contact sheets, so whenever I go back through my archives, I find a shitload of images I’ve never seen before. Archiving and organizing—I’m a mess. Whenever I’m looking for any specific image, I have to go through hundreds of negatives because I have no idea what is where. It’s getting out of control.

I always carry a camera, usually a Nikon F100 with a couple of lenses, and a Yashica T4 or Contax T2. I also carry a Holga all the time.




You have a bunch of new books coming out. What are they and when are they
going to be available?

My second book, BOOGIE, just came out—it’s a limited edition of 500 copies, art directed by Giorgio de Mitri.

I have three more books coming out in 2008—BELGRADE BELONGS TO ME will be out in December from Powerhouse Books, and then SAO PAULO in May and ISTANBUL in December from Upper Playground.

If you could photograph anyone living today who would it be?

Vladimir Putin, I think he’s a very strong character. You look at his face, and you know he’s no joke—black belt in judo, ex-KGB…

And how about anyone from any period in history? Why?

Otto Skorzeny - (June 12, 1908 – July 6, 1975) – WWII Waffen SS commando leader, at one point considered the most dangerous man in Europe … just google [+] him and you’ll see why.


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