Raam is a nonstop bicycle race which crosses the United States from coast to coast.nIn 1991, Outside magazine published a list of the toughest competitions in the world. One of the criteria, called the AGONY INDEX, measured how much participants suffered in the event. Race Across America was the highest ranking competition in the agony index. Check out a few brazilian experiences at RAAM below.

Raam Memories by Ron Jones

Photos Copyright © Ignacio Aronovich

1995 Participation- TEAM PEPSI BRAZIL - Second Place Finish


The book "Crossing America on two wheels - Race Across America" tells the story of the second place finish by Team Pepsi Brazil in the '95 race. With text by José Carlos Secco, one of the cyclists, it details the eight hundred thousand pedal spins necessary to cover the 4658 kilometers of the race.

The book shows a lot of the race, and very little of America, which you can see here.


1997 Participation - TEAM COKE BRAZIL - Third Place Finish


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